Mykonos Town Hotel

Central Location in the Heart of Mykonos Town

Supremely located in a very quiet district of Mykonos Town, away from the bustling crowds of the very center, however within just a couple of minutes walk away from Mykonos Town points of interests, cafes, bars, shops and restaurants, Elena Hotel in Mykonos Town overlooks the immense blue of the Aegean Sea and the scenic Mykonos Town. The hotel’s excellent location offers sublime views of Mykonos Town and the Aegean Sea, whilst nestled in a typical picturesque Cycladian neighborhood. The Mykonian landmarks of Windmills and Little Venice, are no more than a 7 minute walk away. Situated at an accessible by car spot of Mykonos Town (as in most places car access is not possible), makes for a real convenience for all visitors of Elena Hotel in Mykonos Town.

Mykonos Island, Greece at a glance

Mykonos, famously called 'the island of the winds' due to the constant wind that blows, is the most popular and cosmopolitan island of the Cyclades and considered as one the most famous islands of the world. The sunlight of Mykonos from its first sunshine of dawn all the way to its last of the sunset is astonishing and supplements an atmosphere of images that seem to have sprung out of a painting. Its architecture is unique with its square white houses some built one next to each other and others scattered amongst the hills and mountains, on top of huge rocks or right next to the sea waves. Anastasios-Sevasti hotel in Mykonos gives to clients the opportunity to admire this beauty, accompanied by pure Greek hospitality.

Mykonos, the cosmopolitan island of Greece

Mykonos stands out for its numerous dreamy beaches, each suited for all kinds of taste or age. Long sandy beaches and cold crystal aquamarine waters invite all visitors of Mykonos Island to relax mind and body. Most of Mykonos beaches are well organized, fully equipped with sunbeds, beach bars and cafes. The most popular beaches in Mykonos are found on the southern side of the island since they are more protected from the strong northern winds. Mykonos apart its fame, intense nightlife and endless parties, is a place offering innumerable beauties.Through the years Mykonos has become the ultimate travel destination for Greek celebrities but and International. The marvelous beaches, the picturesque alleys and the famous bars and clubs of Mykonos Island are few of the hot spots that lure artists, singers, fashion designers and businessmen all over the world to come and visit Mykonos Island, in Greece.


the vibes of Mykonos Town